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Two Screws Left

I first met her around the time of my nineteenth birthday.

She was a present, in the same way that getting clothes for Christmas when you’re eight is a “present”. I didn’t have my own car, so tensions between my brother and I were running high as we fought over the use of the white one with increasing frequency and furor, and this was the solution.
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Past Expiration Date

I awake on the floor.

It is almost 2PM. I have dim recollections of most everyone I care about wishing me farewell before they head out to a brave new world, and TG giving me instructions pertaining to what will likely be my final exit from his house tomorrow morning: cut the breaker to the water heater, turn the AC to off, etc. But then again, that was so long ago, to my mind, that the woolly mammoth may as well have been walking the earth still.
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The Keg of Glory

North by Southwest

The flight(s) up were catastrophic in a lot of ways.

The first one was hours late. Then, the pilot decides to head north to get out of the way of some weather – adding another entire hour to the flight. Then, after running through the airport like a fucking marine, bag over my head, knocking two people down on the people-mover (yes, I really did), and almost getting arrested for breezing through a checkpoint, Southwest decides it suddenly reveres punctuality – my flight left three minutes ago.
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